Heatwave in Ireland

After the night in the pub in Doolin and the short night due to our loud neighboors on the campsite, we set off early in direction of the famous ‘Cliffs of Moher’. As it was the 10th of August ’22, we were in the middle of high season: meaning many tourists. However luckily there were not so many people in the morning yet. Our ‘Cliffs of Moher’ experience was different from a standard one we would say. After parking our bikes and locking them carefully with all the bags (luckily there was security walking around on the parking area…), we walked up to the Cliffs or in other words: we walked up into the clouds. For a half hour there was nothing else to see than a thick layer of misty clouds. But then, the clouds started to get thinner as the sun was shining on them. It was a spectacular natural show and we enjoyed watching it. You can see the photos of the Cliffs of Moher in the instagram post below.

The next day (day 100!) we cycled 65 kilometres in the heat. It was so warm that the crows and other birds had their mouths open to loose some heat. Well, it was not as hot as in other European countries (luckily not), but 27°C was definitely our limit. Pff we were sweating in the sun and happy to eat lunch in shadow. That evening we arrived at a beautiful beach, swam in the ocean, set up the inner tent only and enjoyed a magnificent sunset next to a campfire.

On Friday the 12th of August we woke up at 06:00 a clock on the beach. As it was very warm these days (heatwave in Ireland), we decided to wake up early. At 08:00 we left the beach to drive up the Conor Pass (456 metres). One of the highest passes in Ireland. Even if it was early, it was so hot!!! Oliver drove without t-shirt, covered in sweat and salt. Arrived at the top, we enjoyed the amazing view. The next highlight came the day after, when we drove through the Gap of Dunloe. Again, the heat made us drink lots of water. But it was so pretty! The green mountains combined with the rocks and little lakes were just a perfect combination. There were some heavy climbs which usually would take us a little while (especially Chloé need her breaks to cool down the legs). But, a specific situation made us climb all hills in 1 go… There was a touristic trap within this valley: people sat in wooden wagons, pulled by 1 or 2 horses. The horses looked exhausted, heated and thirsty. It was so sad to watch. We did not understand how people could sit relaxed in these wagons, what were they thinking?! With 30 degrees! We gave them some angry looks, while going up the hills with our own legs. (See the photos and similar text in the instagram post below).

After passing through the beautiful Gap of Dunloe we arrived at a calm river in the nature at 13h a clock. With 40 kilometres done we decided it was enough for the day. That afternoon we swam in the cold river for at least a half hour and then washed ourselves and our clothes. Had lunch and coffee in the shadow and just enjoyed living outside in nature. Even if we did spend less than 24 hours at that spot, it felt like home. Here we once more realised, you don’t need much to be happy. In the rushed and materialistic society people always want to ‘have more’ or ‘achieve the better’. It is very unhealthy. Once you have nothing but a few bike bags, you realise you actually need nothing more than that to live happily. No deluxe espresso machine, no microwave, no 10 pair of sneakers, no Netflix subscription, no juice maker, no car… What you do need is time, nature and some people you love around you. And of course; water, food and some electricity. More about this in a later post…

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