about us


We are froggi & co; froggi, chloé and oliver.

To start of we might need to present the star of this trio: froggi, to some of you. What started as a joke in the Zoo of Hannover a few years ago, ended up by froggi becoming our mascot for all adventures. He has probably travelled more than any other frog on this planet, if not, we are sure he at least cycled the most kilometers of them all! 😉

We are Chloé (26) (NL-FR) and Oliver (30) (DE), both love being outdoors and spending our time together. Our love for cycling grew since we are together, please also read the page background for more insights on our bike (touring) experiences so far.

By the time we became a couple, in the summer of 2016, ‘rausgefahren’ started a cycle tour around the world and we followed them ever since. They, and other bike adventurers (ed pratt, radreise unlimited etc.), inspired and motivated us to go on bike-tours ourselves. We were outside whenever possible, mostly after work, in the weekends and during our vacations. Our dream of making a larger cycle-tour, through the European Union, started to grow. But for a long time, the dream stayed a dream.

As we knew Oliver would finish his PhD (rubber simulations) in early 2022, we decided at the end of 2021 that we would go for it. We would do it, we would start the EU-tour in spring 2022! If not now, then probably never. For a long time we thought Oliver would immigrate to the Netherlands in 2022, finding a job close to mine (energy storage) and most importantly; we would finally live together at 1 place in 1 country. However, we soon realised, if we would have chosen that path, it would have been way more difficult to ever realise our dream of going on this adventure.

This blog will thus cover stories from our cycle-tour through the EU. We do not yet know how frequently we will update it, probably once every week if we find the time. Besides, as we developed a passion for photography and videography, you can expect some nice visuals too. Please enjoy!

froggi & co